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Complete dental implants

When one or more of your teeth are missing, their replacements should offer the best aesthetic results along with the same biting and chewing function as your natural teeth. Today, among all the options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer the best treatment choice available.

A dental implant is a sterile titanium alloy screw that is surgically placed in the jawbone. After 3-6 months, this screw becomes integrated with the bone tissue. Once its osseo-integrated, the dental implant can be completed with a replacement tooth (called a restoration or crown). Dental implants can replace a single tooth, a fixed bridge, partial dentures of several teeth or a full denture covering and an entire arch (that includes all of the upper or lower teeth). Dental implants can also provide a stable base for dentures on patients who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth.

Missing teeth can lead to bone loss

After you lose a tooth, your body begins a process called bone resorption (receding bone tissue) and remodeling. Without teeth to support, the bone typically shrinks. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and defects that are often too difficult to restore, even with bone grafting. Thus, dental implants are the only treatment option that maintains dental bone health and avoids the physiologic process of bone resorption and remodeling.

Advantages of dental implants

Due to their anatomy, resistance and stability, dental implants perform just as well as your natural teeth. They look great and give patients comfortable, naturalefficient biting and chewing function. Unlike fixed bridges, dental implants do not require any preparation of adjacent teeth. And unlike dentures or partial dentures, implants do not have to come out when you sleep and cannot slip or shift unintentionally when you speak or eat, which increases your self-confidence and eliminates potential embarrassment.

Implants also give you the ability to brush and floss normally

Dr. Bernard has completed fellowship-training in dental implants and has over 600 hours of additional training. So, unlike most dentists who will send you to a periodontist or oral surgeon to have the titanium posts implanted, Dr. Bernard does the entire procedure from start to finish.

Discover thorough implant dentistry that you and your family will appreciate. Come to Pennington Family Dentistry. We serve the cities of Ewing, Hopewell Township, Pennington, Princeton and Lawrenceville, among many others.

Talk to Dr. Bernard about today’s dental implants. Get your questions answered and find out if dental implants are right for you. To schedule your complimentary dental implant discussion, please call 609.737.0006 or fill out our online Appointment Request form.

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